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For all Commercial Solar PV Systems & Energy Efficiency Needs & Advice Call 1800 1 Solar

For Commercial Solar PV System Advice and Consultation Call 1800 1 Solar

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Suite 15, 18 Stirling Hwy,
Nedlands, Western Australia 6009
Tel 1800 1 Solar
Tel 08 9386 2366
Fax 08 9386 2300
Email wes@water.net.au
Web www.water.net.au

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More Info or Just Want to Discuss

Need more information or just wish to discuss the best solutions for yourcommercial solar system, energy efficiency measures, water use efficiency ,resources management or reducing your water and energy costs and use; contact us now.

CallA� Water & Energy Savers Pty LtdA�

Tel: 1800 1 Solar 

Tel: 08 9386 2366


Email: wes@water.net.au
Web: www.water.net.au


Business Hours: 8 am to 6 pmA�


Suite 15, 18 Stirling Hwy,

Nedlands, Western Australia 6009

Water & Energy Savers (WES) makes sustainability easy for organisations!
We develop, supply and manage practical, technical and engineered solutions that minimise the water and energy resources used by commercial, industrial, government and private sectors.

Our solutions reduce usage and wastage or we can provide alternative solutions using renewable wind and solar energy that reduce reliance on traditional sources. Additionally, our program and project management capabilities are utilized by state governments and water authorities and agencies to deliver their key water and energy initiatives.

Services include:

  • project management
  • program management
  • consulting
  • supply of technical solutions and products
  • grant management
  • funding

Our Expertise section:

Water & Energy Savers provide solutions to organisations and government to improve water and energy efficiency and environmental impact. Click on the below categories to find out more about our experience.


Water & Energy Savers assist busy Facility and Property Managers to identify cost effective solutions. We engage staff and take into account staff and customer needs throughout the organisation. Generally our recommendations improve the amenity and experience of staff and customers.

  • Health care
  • Hospitality
  • Office blocks and complexes
  • Retail properties
  • Shopping centres
  • Sports and leisure


Water & Energy Savers manage programs and projects for Government Departments and their agencies. We are also a service provider to a number of Water Authorities to help their customers improve water efficiency and management

  • Water authorities/retailers/utilities
  • Government departments


We help industrial customers with resource efficiency plans and trade waste agreements in order to meet regulatory obligations. Additionally, we find solutions that add benefits to the business including saving water, energy, chemicals, reducing processing times while maintaining quality.

Our expertise is in resource efficiency, re-use and recycling. We understand heating, cooling, cleaning and non-process usage.

  • Manufacturing
  • Mining


Hospitals and Universities are large complex sites with many staff and customers. Our holistic methodology is able to capture and process extensive information and distil it into implementable site wide actions with accurate costs and estimated savings.

  • Universities and Higher Education
  • Health care


Our extensive experience in working with schools nationally has ensured that Water & Energy Savers truly understand the school environment and the pressures faced by your resources. From auditing projects, to works implementation, to tailored educational resources, our Environmental Solution Consultants will ensure benefits are maximized according to the needs of each individual school. Whether the projects are water or energy focused we will deliver sustainable solutions that will benefit your school both environmentally and financially.

  • Community Water Grant project management
  • National Solar Schools Program services
  • Schools Water Efficiency Program

Case Study – Southern Health, Melbourne

Southern Health, located across south eastern Melbourne, is Victoriaa��s largest health service.

Another Case Study

As an Australian leader in our field, our vision is to provide better health for our community. We are unique in providing primary, secondary and tertiary health services as well as university affiliated international research and teaching facilities.